Batchelder Master Bath - Carmel, IN
I have done multiple projects for this customer and was very excited to do their master bath and bedroom. They vacation in Hawaii every year and love the architectural influences they find on the islands. At our first planning meeting we discussed budget, features, and style. The bath is actually pretty small for a master so one of our main goals was to make it look as big as possible. They wanted to eliminate the garden tub and add a double shower. In order to cut costs we decided to keep the existing cabinets and refinish them. Based on this I told them that I was skeptical that I could design a bath that would be within their budget but I love a challenge! At the end of the meeting Rob pulled me aside and said "forget the budget, just design something amazing!" Wanting to please them both I came up with three options. The first was within their budget and matched the photos in their ideabook.. The second was a slightly more and incorporated shimmery surfaces reminiscent of sea shells. The third was the amazing that Rob had asked for. They decided to go with Rob's option.